Judged By Numbers

(This is a rant. Sorry about the harsh language, but I only use them because of the passion i feel about these standardized tests)

Alright, there’s something we need to talk about. What in the god damn hell are these standardized tests? Seriously. Sure those who support it may say “It tests the students’ academic knowledge and improvement.” This just gives way to more reasons why not to support this.

As a high school student in the class of 2018, I was told that I’d have to take the PARCC when it is only an alternative to 2 other graduation requirements (so it’s pretty much optional, but I can’t opt out [this school system…]). Lets talk about this for a second. PARCC consists of two types of sections: Math and Language Arts. I don’t know about you, but in my high school there are 9 periods in my day consisting of Science and History, not to mention, my health, my language, and my elective period. Where the f*ck are these in the testing areas? This test is totally eliminating two main subjects. You can argue that they are just integrated into the math and language arts section, but then what happens to the parts that can’t be integrated? Nothing. I learned the way DNA is made up for no reason because I’m not being tested on it anyways.

This brings me to my next reason. Let’s read that last sentence again. “…I’m not being tested on it anyways.” This has turned school into NOT a full learning experience, but rather an experience to study just for a test that isn’t testing you on jack sh*t. Sure there’s some sine and cosine stuff in there, but lets face it all the adults that I have talked to have told me said they don’t even use a f*cking sine graph (Correct me if I’m wrong, not including mathematicians or of that sort. I’m talking average Joes who work in the reality we all hear in our movies and books). School has just become a place where we study for a big exam that takes up a whole week cutting our other periods not being tested. If this is the case then why not just make school two periods long: Math and English? Oh I know why, because we want to look like we have variety in our schools. THERE’S NO F*CKING VARIETY IF WE ONLY GET TESTED IN TWO SUBJECTS.

Think about how at the end of this, I get placed with a number. A number that, in more intelligent words, shows how dumb or how smart I am and I get placed in classes “more suited” to my liking. THIS NUMBER DOESN’T MEAN ANY-F*CKING-THING!!! If a student is bad at test taking, but is very intelligent and gets put into a level 2 class, than the class will be useless. It’s like a weighing scale, it doesn’t show how ugly or beautiful you are. This testing score doesn’t show how smart or dumb you are, just how well you do at taking a test made for the 1% who actually study.

Ending statement: To anyone taking this PARCC test or any of that kind, just remember what it is spelled backwards (CCRAP with a double “c” to show how corrupted our school system has become). And to anyone who actually likes this standardized testing, just know that every day in my school there are parents of students who are refusing to let their children take the test because it’s immoral, it doesn’t count for anything, the test is only made from the pockets of the common man, and I, and so many other people, will prove you wrong if this standardized test really does “test [my and my peers] academic knowledge and improvement” because I’m by now we all know it doesn’t. If you would like to refuse for your child to take this exam visit this website and understand why this PARCC is a bunch of bullsh*t.

Again, I’m sorry for the brutal language, but this is reality and reality isn’t just a bunch of tests made for the top 1%.


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