I remember when I knew that I loved you. We were in your living room, the sun close to the horizon, the sliding doors unblocked making everything the light touched gold. We lay there, your body against mine, lying there while our friends played on their own. We stayed there watching them laugh at the […]

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If I Die Now…

If I die now, My sister and my brother and my dad would come home and see me lying on the bathroom floor: lifeless. They’d start trying to wake me up; call the police; give me CPR- no response. They’d stop trying. They’d cry there on the floor next to me. They’d call my mom […]

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I hope you don’t read this or don’t plan to because I don’t want you to take it in the wrong way, but I also want you to know that this is why I am the way I am. This is why I struggle with living my life to the fullest. Somedays, I don’t want […]

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Atlas and the World

I remember reading stories of greek mythology (call me a nerd, whatever :P) and reading the tale of Atlas and the world. During the great war between the titans and the gods, Atlas had betrayed the gods and sided with the titans. In the fall of the titans, Zeus, king of all gods, condemned Atlas, […]

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Judged By Numbers

(This is a rant. Sorry about the harsh language, but I only use them because of the passion i feel about these standardized tests) Alright, there’s something we need to talk about. What in the god damn hell are these standardized tests? Seriously. Sure those who support it may say “It tests the students’ academic […]

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