This Is My Goodbye

This is my goodbye. I hope that things fly well and if I never see you again (which is probably more likely) I want you to know that you changed me as a person and I am better because of it. Sorry for the bitchiness you had to deal with for 3 years, I hope it payed off.

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I remember when I knew that I loved you. We were in your living room, the sun close to the horizon, the sliding doors unblocked making everything the light touched gold. We lay there, your body against mine, lying there while our friends played on their own. We stayed there watching them laugh at the […]

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If I Die Now…

If I die now, My sister and my brother and my dad would come home and see me lying on the bathroom floor: lifeless. They’d start trying to wake me up; call the police; give me CPR- no response. They’d stop trying. They’d cry there on the floor next to me. They’d call my mom […]

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